Rajeev Arora

GCA Council - Secretary
Company: Davora Ltd

After seeing a rather large, yet very niche gap in the greeting card market, Rajeev founded Davora, in 2005 to cater for ethnic occasions. It was quite a jump from the relatively analytical Business Consulting and IT world that he had worked for the 14 years prior to starting Davora. However the entrepreneurial spirit was in his blood, and the greeting card industry gave him the perfect opportunity to flourish with his own business. Rajeev joined the GCA Council in 2015, bringing with him a decade of ‘learning the ropes from the ground up’.

Rajeev says “The GCA has been fundamental to the success of my business with all its resources and contacts. It tirelessly promotes the industry through the media, working with related industries such as Royal Mail and through innovative events like Thinking of You Week. The GCA helps to keep the card industry flourishing as a much-loved part of British life and I’ve jumped at the chance to join the GCA Council and play my part in keeping the industry thriving.”