1 Tree Cards

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1 Tree Cards is on a mission to change the world for the better. With every greeting card or sheet of gift wrap, a tree is planted in an area of mass deforestation and a token of seed paper embedded with bee friendly flower seeds is included. This offers a unique and tangible experience of making our world a greener place through the simple act of sending a card.

With an ever-expanding range of designs to suit people from all walks of life, our products are appealing to the masses. With over 200,000 trees planted our multi-award-winning products are set to be a great choice for those looking to offer unique and eco-friendly items to an exponentially growing and trending market. 

We offer point of sale information and branded display units with great wholesale pricing and are in a space of expanding our offerings. So why wait? Join the treevolution and see how many trees you and your community can plant through greeting cards and gift wrap!

-All of our paper products are made of 100% recycled materials- no trees are cut down, instead they are planted!
-Our cards and wrap are plastic-free with cards offered naked or wrapped in biodegradable/compostable sleeves
-Our products are made in the UK and printed using renewable energy and vegan inks
-We are an LGBTQ+ and ethinically diverse owned business and offer cards to suit a wide range of humans (and animal companions!)

Reforesting the world - 1 tree planted for every card!