Anoela Cards

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Introducing Anoela Cards, a fun, black-owned, female-owned and new age greeting cards company taking the black community and African diaspora by storm. Initially what began as a small greeting card brand that was born out of a need to cater to people of colour, soon turned into a cultural phenomenon back home in Lagos, Nigeria. Millennials and the Gen Z community finally felt that they had a brand that mirrored who they were, what's important to them and one that celebrated their culture at every opportunity. Soon enough, Anoela Cards was publishing seasonal collections with over 50+ designs each. 
Black Luxury - the first curated collection from the brand - which featured only 5 designs at the time, became the sell-out greeting card template that we didn’t know we needed. With imagery that’s focused strongly on West African silhouettes with a luxury aesthetic, this collection instantly became a hit amongst millennials and Gen Z in Nigeria. Anoela Cards’ audience swiftly crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and before they knew, the demand for the brand’s unique designs grew in the UK - especially within the African diaspora. The designs then became accessible to their UK audience when Anoela Cards signed a publishing deal with Moonpig in 2021 - they also became available in the USA and Australia. 
Now, 4 years later, the Anoela Cards brand has experienced even more growth and are excited to announce the launch of their second website,, in their second home, the UK. Having their own website gives their UK Customers the opportunity to shop from over 1000+ designs, 30+ collections, access to unconventional categories such as break-ups and wine-lovers and so much more. As new entrants to the UK Greeting Cards market, they're excited to see what the industry has in store and are even more keen to be a part of it.
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