Colour Celebrations

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Ms Deborah Ajaja


85 Great Portland Street

First Floor



Colour Celebrations is an award winning luxury children's gifting brand dedicated to providing representation in a fun and impactful way. 

With a variety of products including milestone cards, height charts, toddler clothing, greeting cards and a growing list of new offerings, its products intentionally celebrate babies’ skin colour, and provides an alternative to the current “colour blind” gifting options available today. The brand aims to celebrate little ones from their day they're born, honouring their culture and heritage and helping families make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Founded by Deborah Ajaja when she struggled to find representative gift items for her son, she has since gone on to establish a business that has evolved into a community of engaged parents and avid followers who are keen to expand their cultural knowledge. The brand has gained recognition by many reputable media platforms including BBC News, Channel 4, Strategist UK and The Telegraph and has been featured across highly respected parenting platforms such as Made for Mums, Mother & Baby, My Baba and Junior Magazine.

The Colour Celebrations mission is simple: to celebrate colour, culture and heritage boldly and proudly. 

Celebrating colour, culture and heritage boldly and proudly