DoodleDoo Personalised Charity Greetings Cards

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DoodleDoo was born from a desire to create a business with a positive approach that does some good in this increasingly challenging world.

We work with artists and photographers to supply our customers with a wide selection of images to chose from to create their own personalised greetings cards. Many of our images are unique to us and don't appear on any other card personalisation site. Each card is printed to order and the price includes first class postal delivery back to our customer or direct to their recipient. The personalisation process does not allow the customer to change or tamper with the image in any way - your work always maintains its full integrity.

Once the personalisation process is complete, our customers can then select which of our registered charities they would like us to donate 10% of the purchase price of their card to. This is at no extra cost to them at all and is an invaluable and straightforward way for charities to raise some extra funds.

Our cards are very high quality and the majority of our images are non-event specific which means that customers can use them in any way they wish. We do offer suggestions in the various event categories and once customers see an image they like, it's easy to look at other work by the same artist.

We really hope that you'll share this journey with us and help us to help charities and talented artists while spreading love, positivity and joy through the medium of greetings cards. Thank you.

Personalised greetings cards website which raises money for Charities and promotes talented Artists & Photographers.