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Laura Rogers



FloofAndFlump features colourful, fun, creative greeting cards to celebrate all kinds of occasions. I aim for my designs to be unique, cute and simply artistic; the kind of card that someone will want to keep on display for a long, long time. 

You will see lots of 'just because' cards featured at FloofAndFlump - cards created to send just because you want to, for no reason other than to reach out to someone. These are my favourite kind of cards to create. Gestures like sending a little something in the mail can really mean big. You can make someone's day!


My name is Laura and I am the woman behind FloofAndFlump Designs. I started making cards after years of searching for a creative outlet but not being sure where to start. I always loved drawing, but had slipped out of the habit of 'making art' during my twenties. I felt like I had so many ideas, but just couldn't seem to get them from my head to the page!

After a bit of soul searching, A FEW life-changes and some aging(!), I decided to try to draw again. I began making greeting cards and art prints for my nearest and dearest, inspired by things that were important to them.  

After a short while, I began getting custom requests from far and wide - as my customer base grew, so did my confidence. 

Animal care and conservation are really important to me, which is why I am so delighted to support the LAO ELEPHANT INITIATIVE with some of my designs. I absolutely love drawing elephants as well, so that is a bonus!

FloofandFlump is based in the UK, but I currently ship all over the world (what's a little geography when it comes to greeting cards?!)

Illustrated cards, inspired by the best things in life!