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Mr Manoj Dayalji





Our vision at G&K is to make Sam, the digital dancing fun loving angel a household name where customers will be eagerly anticipating the release of the latest G&K card ranges of the future which also have a digital animation element integrated within.

No special additional tech is required for this and it is simply a case of adding a QR code to the card in any location we choose. 

The buyer can buy the G&K card in the usual traditional manner either online or through their preferred outlet and the recipient can appreciate both a traditional card receiving experience with the added element of the digital animation where they will see Sam bounce to life when they scan with their camera phone. 

Sam can speak over 108 languages and is therefore very diverse in terms of scope and possibility for any international projects which you may have in mind.  

The print and production of our cards will be no different to any other cards that you may already be buying in the market place and so no major changes will be needed to be made as far as print, buying and production processes are concerned.  We simply do the fun creative animation stuff behind the scenes to ensure Sam is ready to make the receiver beam with a smile.

We are confident there will be scope to personalise G&K animation cards as technology develops in the future.  Larger online greeting card platforms who already offer this service are more than welcome to get in touch to see how we can work together to provide the very best G&K experience for the customer. 

We are very flexible in terms of card sizes and layout etc and happy to discuss bespoke projects with any outlets or providers who would love to offer the G&K Sam experience to their customers. 

Our priority is to enjoy what we do and and work with great fun loving people and ultimately work together to ensure the person buying and receiving a G&K card is truly made to smile from the heart.  

Look forward to working with you soon.

Speak soon and best wishes 

G&K (Give and Keep) 

p.s. for a live demonstration of the above concept, please click on the second image in our profile to make it larger on your screen and then hold your camera phone up to the QR code on the back of the card.  You phone will then scan the code and direct you to the animation showing Sam dancing and saying Thank you.  Hopefully Sam will have succeeded in making you smile.       

The home of Sam 'The Dancing Digital Fun Loving Angel' who comes to life with each card given.