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A gemmologist in training and a wannabe illustrator, I have always LOVED to send and receive greeting cards. Nothing conveys 'thinking of you' quite like that folded little piece of card with a hand written note inside. It shows not only thought, but time devoted too. Greeting cards in an era of WhatsApp are special and I really hope you enjoy my designs.

Most of my greeting cards are themed around humour, and I design funny birthday cards, Valentine's cards, anniversary cards, thank you cards and many others too. Whether you need to send a card to mum, dad, your sister or brother, a friend, relation or colleague, I have got you covered. I've also got a soft spot for dogs, and hope to have a huge range of dog themed greeting cards in the near future!

I've devoted a great deal of thought to making this business as eco-friendly as possible, and while the card I print on is more expensive than most, it is sustainable and recyclable. Same with the clear sleeves which are made from corn starch and can be composted. The envelopes are 100% recycled and can be recycled again. Finally I print on demand on smaller A6 cards, so only use what is needed with minimal waste.

Eco friendly greeting cards with soul.