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My name is Alianne, and I am the founder of Handmade by Alianne. I am originally from Birmingham, United Kingdom. I was deeply influenced by my mother’s ’craft days’ when I was a child and my fascination for crafts was cultivated throughout my childhood. From trips to Hobbycraft and the local Haberdashery store. Through crafting, I nurture a passionate love of mindfulness and well-being as well as an avid desire to find new ideas.

Embracing my unwavering commitment to our wellbeing, I look forward to embarking on a new journey, learning new skills and exploring new territories.

All of my greeting cards I offer are creatively designed by me. I am inspired by the creative spirit my nan had, as well as the creative spirit my mum inherited from her. With every greeting card I create, I infuse love and harmony that resonates with my customers. I find solace in my craft.

I have an abiding passion for continuous growth and exploration, which has guided me through this journey.

In appreciation of my mother’s creativity, I would like to thank her. Without you, it would still be a dream x

Gorgeous greeting cards from the UK - Designed, printed and hand finished - crafting is my therapy