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Mrs Hannah Morgan




391 Crewe Road, Wistaston, Wistaston




Based in the north-west Hannah is an independent illustrator and children’s illustrator. She is a mum of two small children, something which hugely inspires her work. She is a female sole trader and started selling Wholesale pre-covid. 

This was actually crucial to how designs were inspired as during Covid and lockdown she moved the business online, which meant she could learn what was in demand direct from customers and respond to her market.

All the designs are hand drawn, painted and written by Hannah. The font is Hannah’s own handwriting giving these cards a personal feel and a unique finish. They are a mixture of thoughtful and funny, observational humour.

You will notice she also uses a lot of animals in her designs, the idea behind this is that they are not gender, age or race specific but allows them to be neutral and inclusive.

It was important to Hannah to have an honest and dry sense of humour about motherhood, parenting and life in general and this forms the ideas behind many of her designs. Hannah was inspired by gaps in the market that she felt was missing from buying cards herself:

  • Parenting cards that are not as romanticised (e.g. one design is of a mum hiding from her kids behind a coat rack during lockdown)

  • Using animals in a funny way to show emotion, e.g. Cat card with “I love you, here’s a dead bird”

  • Poking fun at age - “Happy mid-life crisis (I mean Birthday)”

Hannah can also be commissioned for designs and work can be altered/made bespoke


Funny, honest, dry and colourful greetings cards you didn't know you were missing