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Mrs Shanice Onike




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I’m Shanice and I founded Meaningful Messages in 2018.

I found that my search for greeting cards for my loved ones was often met with messages that didn't resonate with me. This was especially highlighted in 2017 when I searched for a birthday card for my now husband but failed to find one that conveyed how I felt. Fed up with the hunt, I decided to buy him a single sided card and write a bible scripture on it (Proverbs 20:6) - this was the best card I had ever given. Convinced that I was not the only one that felt this way about the greeting card journey, I asked friends and family if they felt the same and they sure did! I then made it my mission to help others to find just what they’re looking for and restore meaning to giving.


Meaningful Messages’ mission is to ease the card searching journey by providing faith-based greeting cards, filled with meaningful and heartfelt expressions.

We care about the occasion you are celebrating and want to help you to find the perfect card with the perfect message. For Christians in particular, we can guarantee meaningful messages because the majority of our cards are filled with bible verses appropriate for a variety of occasions.

Our cards stand out not because they are loud, but because of their simple but beautiful designs. Each card is created with the purpose of not just being an addition to a gift, but a gift in its own right. A gift that is to be cherished because of its sentimental value. 

Meaningful Messages for Meaningful Moments