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Miss Ronisha Mohabeer




Celebrating diversity through Colour, Pattern and Print.

Art greeting cards influenced by a melting pot of culture, people, places, food, music, textiles and fashion to represent life, love and light.

Yams are thought to symbolise warm and caring relationships! .... (As well as being a staple food in many countries of course).

Combining our love for paper and fostering warm and caring relationships, Paper Yam was born!

Our style includes mixed media, African print collage and digital art.

All designs are made in house and there is something for all with our homemade Paper Yam from handcrafted textile embellishment cards to fun digital designs.

We honour the giver as the gift and 5% of every purchase you make goes towards a registered WORK FOR GOOD charity.

So we encourage all to open up a jar of paper yam and spread the love!

Much love

Paper Yam


Open up a jar and spread the love. Celebrating diversity through Colour, Pattern and Print!