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Colourful cards that celebrate the Culture!

With our straight talking and bold designs your loved ones will love one of these!

Established in 2017, Streetgreets represents and celebrates Black-British culture by using terms of endearment that many say, but won’t really see in the high street shops. Our aim here is to change that.

Streetgreets is the concept of Graphic Designer Siobhan Wauchope. After growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of diversity within the Greeting card industry, in early 2017 she spotted a gap in the market and began to design her own. With the support of her sister Naomi Nicholas, Streetgreets has joyously since gone from strength to strength and has been recently featured in such publications as The Metro newspaper, Time Out London Magazine-Black Pound Day edition, and Time Out Christmas gift guide 2020!

Streetgreets is also one of 3 founding brands behind the revolutionary Black Card Company, the one stop online marketplace for diverse greeting cards.

Colourful Cards that Celebrate the Culture!