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May 1, 2015 | Resources for School & College

The GCA is expanding its free schools resources with the launch of Key Stage 2: Hurrah for Ra! a gratitude based project for children aged 8-9 years.

“I’m really excited about this lovely new ‘Thank you’ card-making project,” said Sharon Little, GCA CEO. “The ancient Egyptians gave thanks to the sun god Ra, for life, sun and water, and we use this theme to teach Ancient Egyptian history, explore what the children feel thankful for and to help express that through making a card.

“We’ve designed the project to comprise lots of fun activities including practical papyrus/paper-making, card making and how to write a message in the hieroglyph alphabet,” said Sharon, who urges everyone in the card industry with primary school aged children to flag up the free GCA resources to their school.

As well as the practical elements, the project includes lessons on the origins of writing and Ancient Egyptian culture, expressed through the art and artefacts discovered in King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Hurrah for Ra! comprises three one-hour lessons in total starting with a session on Ancient Egyptian history, 2D stylised art and paper-making, which sets up the historical context and the craft project. There are four options provided for papermaking depending on the amount of time the teacher wishes to devote to this and then the final lesson covers Egyptian hieroglyphs and the card-making project.

The project is fully mapped into the Key Stage 2 curriculum for English, maths, history, geography, art and design and design technology. Lots of supporting resources are provided including Tut’s Treasures, a fun Powerpoint presentation about Ancient Egypt, the sun god Ra and the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The project was created for the GCA by education expert Deborah Eagle and the cover is a paper cut design by young designer Yasmin Brooks showing Ancient Egyptians giving thanks to Ra.

The beautiful cover to the project is a paper cut design by young designer Yasmin Brooks and shows Ancient Egyptians giving thanks to Ra.

Key Stage 2: Hurrah for Ra! is available free of charge and will also be available through Teachers’ Post, Royal Mail’s education website.

It follows Key Stage 1: Let’s Be Friends, a first day at school friendship activity launched last year.

Pictured: Hurrah for Ra!’s colourful cover designed by Yasmin Brooks.

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