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Oct 1, 2015 | Design and Production Support

Verses and Prose

Every page of work must bear your name and address. Submissions can get separated or mislaid. Consider the amount of copy publishers receive each week – it can be sackfuls!

Your work must be type written and kept plain and simple – no decorative borders, as it is the writing that is of interest. Keep it all on one page only, if possible. Verses range from four, eight and twelve lines – some verses can be longer. Prose is about the same – it can be brief or very lengthy.


Jokes are best presented in Page 1 and Page 3 format to give an overall opinion on the impact. Make a mock-up card from a folded piece of A4, type the first half of the joke on the front, P1 and type the punchline on P3. If you don’t laugh when you have opened your dummy card, the idea is unlikely to sell. Number each joke and its corresponding punchline. This makes it simpler when selling an idea. As with verses and prose, each piece of paper must contain your name and address.

Some publishers will accept jokes on A4. Fit as many as you can on one sheet and number them

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