Comedy Card Company Ltd

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Mr Alan Auld


Oak House

High Street

Great Yeldham




The Comedy Card Company is an established online retailer of funny greeting cards. More recently, we have also been publishing our own range of humorous cards. We hope to have the widest and best selection of humorous cards available online. We stock a really wide selection of cards from lots of different card publishers, from the large to the small, with the aim of having something for everyone - humour is a broad church after all. We started our company in 2011 and have gradually grown to become an established source of funny greeting cards online. We only sell the original cards as produced by the various publishers who supply us: we are not a 'print-on-demand' type business.
More recently we have also been designing our own cards to sell on our website. We have been selling these alongside the more established players. To our delight (read surprise!), they have been proved really popular with our customers - so much so that they now our bestselling range. This had led us to start offering our cards to other retailers via a dedicated trade website and to start making an appearance at the odd trade fair or two. We love funny cards and we believe that if you are going to send a card, it should make the recipient smile or even laugh out loud!

Online retailer and publisher of funny cards