Littledart Fulfilment Limited

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Mr William Martin




4-5 Toll Gate Court




EX16 8FE

Fulfilment.... old warehouses, out of date technology and a race to store as much as possible as cheaply as possible. This is not us!

Oli and I,  through our experience in e-commerce, understand that in the day of online retail and omni-channel sales, the design of delivery is all important. We also understand that flexibility is key, the brown box is sometimes not the answer and we like to think outside of it. 

Oli, the younger brother, is the inhouse techy. He builds and manages our system, ensuring inventory is maintained and orders from all channels are retrieved and fulfilled quickly and efficiently. Me, Will, the elder brother focuses on making sure that your dreams, designs and desires for how your orders are packaged and delivered stays true to your brand whilst being cost effective. 

So what do we do... we offer services from card folding, to celloing, to standard inventory storage and order pick and pack. We operate at scale for wholesale as well as the more focused retail picking and packing. We comprehend the importance of the physical delivery of your products to your customers and we will make sure that this is at the highest standard. 

It would be great to have a conversation about how we can help you and help your business grow.

Thinking outside the brown box