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Nov 3, 2020 | Meet The Member

As part of our Meet The Member series, we asked

Penguin Ink to tell us a bit about their story.

What is the name of your company?

Penguin Ink

When did you first start the company?


Where is your business based?


Why did you decide to set up your company?

I have been a Graphic designer for many years and always wanted to one day start a company of my own. When I was on maternity leave with my daughter I was doing some design just for myself which I showed to a local shop and I got such a wonderful reaction and I made the decision to start Penguin Ink once I went back to work. It’s been the best decision of my life.

What is the Unique Selling Point of your business? What makes your products particularly special?

Our cards are luxury letterpress, cards that you keep forever, often customers frame our cards. We have carefully chosen quality products that will last, and are fully made in the UK.

What is your best selling Greeting Card?

Penguins in Love is our best selling card, showing two Adelie penguins holding hands, it’s perfect for any romantics for lots of occasions. It was one of the original 16 cards I first designed.

What do you like most about the industry?

I love the friendly nature of the industry, over the years have made some amazing friends. I’m now in the position to give back to others the mentoring and support I had at the beginning.

How do you sell your products? (Online only, wholesale, via a physical shop etc)

We wholesale our products to over 300 independent and national retailers, across the UK and beyond. Our products are also available direct from our Etsy store.

How can people find you?

Hot Topic Additional Question: Diversity and Inclusion are key values to the GCA and we’d love to know more about what your company does to support Diversity and Inclusion?

I encourage people to look at diversity by reflecting the cosmopolitan world of colours to create harmony and unity. Details created for one card is different to another, making it extra, special and beautiful to the customers. My ever growing digital platform shows customers like to pick out my diverse cards with ease. For example mothers day reflects a range of different mothers from black white or dual heritage backgrounds.
I have curated a range of cards in 19 skin tones, and many distinctive colours, using off-cuts and up-cycled materials to reduce waste and increase visual diversity so customers can see it in different ways .My cards reflect the fact that people are mixing together like never before, creating new skin tones to reflect our diverse world.

DoodleshoePaperGoods is a one man band – just me. I have supported diversity and inclusion by using my instagram account to show solidarity for the Black Lives Matter campaign. I also donate a proportion of my sales to a local homeless charity and NHS charities.

Is there anything else that you would like to add/highlight?

We’re always working on new products to engage and excite our customers.

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