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The Greeting Card Association’ s #Cardmitment campaign is a national campaign to encourage everyone to commit to send more greeting cards!

Sending and receiving handwritten cards generates positive feelings and is good for our mental health and wellbeing. Cards create an emotional response and a powerful connection.

The joy of greeting cards

The simple act of sending a card can have a positive, impact on individuals, communities and society. #Cardmitment is reminding everyone about the joy and importance of sending cards this Christmas.

  • Cards matter.  Sending and exchanging cards promotes wellbeing and mental health, lighting up the life of recipients and senders alike.
  • Cards decorate our rooms at Christmas – brightening winter days and reminding us of loved ones.
  • Card sending nurtures local independent businesses on the high streets we all love, supports local charities and organisations in the communities we care for and helps protect the Royal Mail delivery service we all treasure.

The fact that someone has spent the time to make or choose a card, write it, and send it makes the person receiving it feel far more special and cared for than receiving instant texts, emails or other social media messages.

Receiving a card, with a loved ones hand-writing is a wonderful feeling. Finding a design and message that is just right for your friend or family member creates a lovely feeling of connection when you send the card, and for the recipient when they open it. See the blog on the Psychology of Sending Greeting Cards for more information

Cards are displayed in the home and many are kept for years, providing a reminder of the person that has sent it and of your relationship with them. Greeting cards are also great social history as designs and messaging changes with each generation.


Our #Cardmitment campaign is about reminding people about the simple pleasure of connecting with loved ones through cards.

Greeting cards are are amazing little things; for less than the price of a coffee you can send a card and connect with someone you care about. Also the price of a second class stamp remains at 75p – which will take your card anywhere in the UK.

Make your #Cardmitment and join our Campaign and send a card to someone you’re thinking of.

Also write your Christmas cards and get ready to post on 1st December – to join in and help start a wave of card sending!

Click this link to find out more about our #Cardmitment campaign and see how you can get involved.

Retailer Toolkit

We’d love to see shops proudly displaying the #Cardmitment message to remind your customers of the power of the mighty greeting card!

The GCA have created a toolkit that can be downloaded. Included in the toolkit is four Christmas posters reminding people to spread some joy by sending Christmas cards. Plus a flyer and a card tent that has the last postal dates on the reverse.

The toolkit can be downloaded from here.

The UK Greeting Card Industry

The UK greeting card industry is a world-leading creative industry; we lead the world in innovative design and export our cards across the globe.

We spent £1.5 billion on single greeting cards in 2022, according to the Greeting Card Association’s annual report*. [NB: This figure excludes packs and boxes of cards].

The British continue to send more cards per person than any other nation. With 80% of card buyers surveyed in 2021 intend to send more or the same number of cards **

*GCA Annual Market Report 2022 https://www.gca.cards/gca-market-report-2022/

**GCA Consumer Survey Report 2021 https://www.gca.cards/gca-consumer-survey-report-2021/

About the Greeting Card Association (GCA)

The GCA is a not for profit trade association. We have been representing the UK greeting card industry since 1919.

The greeting card industry embraces designers, publishers, retailers, agents, distributors and any suppliers of materials / services to the industry.

The GCA’s mission is to passionately support the growth and promotion of the greeting card industry. And our vision is for everyone to feel connected by the sending and receiving of greeting cards

Our Purpose is to ensure the wellbeing of the greeting card industry and to protect and promote the absolute joy of sending and receiving a well-chosen card.

Further information

To download and use our FREE #Cardmitment toolkit click here

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Contact our Press Office

Our #Cardmitment campaign is receiving media coverage across the country, including national coverage on BBC Breakfast and Radio 5 Live among others, click the link above to our blog to see all the latest coverage.

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