Art Cards Ireland

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Ms Marion Hancock






In the time-honoured fashion of small businesses, we started Art Cards Ireland from the kitchen table. It was 2011 and we were living in an apartment overlooking the sea in Dalkey, a beautiful coastal village twenty minutes south of Dublin. We’d noticed that most of the art greeting cards we saw featured work by Irish painters of times past, and we thought we should update matters. We set to with an inner mantra of ‘No cottages! No donkeys!’. Well, we’ve since published a card with a cottage on it, and it may only be a matter of time before a donkey appears. However our intention holds, which is to showcase today’s Irish artists and illustrators. Their original works may disappear into the hands of buyers and rarely be seen again. Our cards uncover some of the work being done in studios (and on kitchen tables) across Ireland. We supply many of the 'Best Shops in Ireland' as judged by the Irish Times.

Art cards by Irish artists and illustrators. Proudly stocked by Waterstones, Burford Garden, Tate Margate.