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Aug 29, 2023 | News & Insights

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes on the #Cardmitment campaign we introduced to you a few weeks ago.

Just to remind you – we’ll be using #Cardmitment as a national campaign to remind UK consumers that the simple act of sending a card can have a positive, powerful impact on individuals, communities and society.

And you can get involved too.

This week, we’ll be issuing this national press release about the importance of cards and how we Brits like to display them at home…perfectly timed because research also says September is the most popular month for birthday cards!

Get involved, share your pictures and stories and help spread the joy of cards!

There is a version of the release for members to download and use at the bottom of the page. We’re sure your local media will want to hear from you too about the importance of sending birthday cards in September!

Do keep telling Nick and Andrea at our PR agency stories about card sending; tell them about the results of your initiatives, feedback you’ve had from customers and other card stories! This will help them share the benefits of card sending.  Do email them directly on gca@arena-pr.com and share the stories that you feel deserve to be heard and pictures that show the joy of cards, see below for more details.

Please encourage your customers to tag us via the #Cardmitment hashtag – we’ve started our own GCA Instagram page too at @cardmitment so please follow!

What is #Cardmitment

Under the headline #Cardmitment, we’ll be taking every opportunity in the coming months to build a campaign that gets consumers and stakeholders talking about the power of cards to build connections that benefit us all.

  • Cards matter.  Sending and exchanging cards promotes wellbeing and mental health, lighting up the life of recipients and senders alike.
  • That simple act nurtures local independent businesses on the high streets we all love, supports local charities and organisations in the communities we care for and helps protect the Royal Mail delivery service we all treasure.
  • And in support of all those brilliant benefits, that’s why we need positive commitments to sending cards – from consumers, from stakeholders such as MPs and politicians.
  • #Cardmitment is the tag we’ll use throughout all our activity – from Thinking of You Week, to activity in support of sending cards at Christmas.
  • And the more we all get behind it, the more resonance that campaign will have.

Publishers, Retailers, Suppliers – Please send in your stories and pictures to help us build momentum for this campaign gca@arena-pr.com

Thank you to everyone in the industry who has already been in touch with ideas and donated. We are still looking to raise funds to maximise the extent of this campaign and share the joy of card sending, please donate here; if everyone in the industry gives a little we can do a lot!

Further Information – Send a Card, Deliver a Smile!

For ideas on marketing initiatives to spread the joy of cards, see what others in the industry have done for in recent years – see the links on Get Involved

Please sign up to visit your local care home in November, see our blog Caring at Christmas. This is one example of the industry activity that the agency can amplify under our #Cardmitment campaign.

Click the link to see all Press Releases

If you need more information about our plans please email our Press Office , speak to a member of the GCA Council or contact Amanda at hello@gca.cards

Thank you for your support!


What makes us British? [Member Template Press Release]
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