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Sep 13, 2023 | News & Insights

Ofcom announced in September that they are consulting on changes to the Royal Mail postal system (https://www.ofcom.org.uk/news-centre/2023/ofcom-to-produce-potential-options-for-the-future-of-the-universal-postal-service). 

The GCA have made an initial submission to Ofcom on this important consultation, and CEO Amanda Fergusson, and Council Member David Falkner have also met with Ofcom.  The Royal Mail welcomed that review, but one thing that is top of our minds is how crucial our now industry is to the delivery service: 

Ofcom’s current consultation on second class postal caps, highlights how crucial greeting cards are to the future of the Royal Mail’s current Letters business with 42 per cent of UK consumers saying they only now use Royal Mail to send greeting cards.  The GCA is determined that our industry voice is heard as those consultations progress.

Also as the price of a first class stamp increases – an increase to £1.25 was also announced at the end of August, it’s crucial we focus on the fabulous value that second class stamps still provide – for just 75p, consumers can still send a card anywhere in the country. 

We’re keen to join forces with the Royal Mail to promote the affordability of second class stamps – alongside Ofcom’s proposal to peg the price of that second class stamp to inflation for the next five years – we know we have a role to play to help protect the wider Royal Mail service members’ customers rely on.

The GCA continue to meet with Royal Mail and Ofcom. We’ve submitted a response to Ofcom about safeguarding the second class price cap, and will continue to have an open dialogue with the Royal Mail as the consultation process proceeds.

Royal Mail support our #Cardmitment campaign

The GCA is also working with Royal Mail to remind consumers about the joy of sending and receiving cards this Christmas.

Our Christmas messaging for consumers will focus on the affordability of second class stamps and encouraging people to write and send their Christmas cards early.  And of course through our #Cardmitment campaign, we’ll be encouraging consumers to commit to card sending.

The latest GCA blog on the Royal Mail can be found here – https://www.gca.cards/gca-being-heard-royal-mail-update/.  We’ll keep you updated with developments on all those consultations.

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