Bird & Co Studio

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Through our colourful, wholesome and nostalgic designs we aim to help people reconnect; both with those they feel closest to and the great outdoors. We look to capture memories, reminding people of their fondest experiences and places, as well as inspiring them to get outside and enjoy nature.

Our range includes eco-friendly greeting cards, art prints, gift wrap and calendars which are all made and packaged from high quality, responsibly sourced, plastic-free, recycled or sustainable materials. We always ensure our products are either zero waste/closed loop, recyclable or biodegradable but our main hope is they are simply too beautiful to be thrown away in the first place and will be reused or kept! We also support charities that are working hard to make our world a greener place, including planting trees with Ecologi.

Collections include modern florals, adventure and outdoor activities and our favourite companions - dogs!

Eco-concious paper goods and gifts inspired by the natural world and designed to help protect it