GCA takes #Cardmitment to the Houses of Parliament!

Nov 15, 2023 | News & Insights

The GCA is taking our #Cardmitment campaign to the Houses of Parliament on the 29th November.

The GCA has written personally to all 650 MPs, inviting them to come and meet us on the 29th November to learn more about the importance of the greeting cards industry and sign our #Cardmitment pledge.

The event has the backing of backbench MP Mark Menzies (Fylde, Lancashire), who has worked with us to organise this drop-in session for MPs in the run-up to the crucial Christmas period. Mark is a Conservative Party politician who has a background in retail, having previously worked at Asda, Marks & Spencer and Morrisons. Mark has also emailed MPs, telling them he’s sponsoring this drop-in session and repeating some of our messages.

The GCA’s message to MP’s

The GCA will be asking MPs to make a #Cardmitment covering these five commitments:

  • Agreeing to lead the way by sending Christmas cards this year
  • Visiting an Independent card retailer and/or publisher and/or designer in their constituency in the run-up to Christmas to remind people it still only costs 75p to send a card by post
  • Help support the GCA’s Caring at Christmas campaign , where scores of members will be visiting care homes to help residents write and send cards
  • To help make sure that 2nd class postal rate stays pegged to inflation
  • Offer support to local posties by protecting the Royal Mail’s obligation to deliver reliably everywhere in the UK

These pledges will be presented on a giant card, kindly designed by Sarah Jackson at Stormy Knight and produced by Sherwood, which MPs will be asked to sign.

MPs will be able to take away a leaflet, kindly printed by Loxley’s, giving them more details about the importance of the greeting card industry, our contributions to the UK economy and also the positive benefits of sending and receiving cards on peoples mental health.

The key messages the GCA team will be sharing with MP’s

We will also be asking MPs to link up with a GCA member in their constituency. Asking them to visit a card publisher, retailer or supplier to the industry and show their support for the greeting card industry and our postal service.

How to join in and connect with your local MP

We are asking GCA members to contact your local MP to follow up from our invitation, urging them to attend the event on 29th November, and also to invite your MP to visit your business.

At the bottom of this blog is a copy of the letter we sent to each MP, plus a suggested draft of a letter that can be personalised to send to your MP, both can be downloaded by clicking the links.

To find out who your local MP is click this link and put in your location or postcode.

If your business is in a different constituency, please write to both MP’s!

We are keen to share news of MP’s visiting GCA members businesses, so please do let us know if you hear from your MP, and of course share information and pictures on any visits, please email us at gca@arena-pr.com

Further Information

Click here to find our about our #Cardmitment campaign to share the joy of greeting cards

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To see our #Cardmitment toolkit click here and download instagram posts, posters and other POS to use in your business to promote the importance of cards!

Please sign up to visit your local care home in November, see our blog Caring at Christmas. This is one example of the industry activity that the agency can amplify under our #Cardmitment campaign.

For ideas on marketing initiatives to spread the joy of cards, see what others in the industry have done for in recent years – see the links on Get Involved

Click the link to see all Press Releases

If you need more information about our plans please email our Press Office , speak to a member of the GCA Council or contact Amanda at hello@gca.cards . 

Thank you for your support!


GCA letter to MP's Alex Cunningham MP
File size: 109kB
Draft Letter to your local MP
File size: 27kB

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