Thinking of You Week 2023!

Feb 22, 2023 | News & Insights, GCA Events

Thinking of You Week is the week that sees people across the world send cards to friends, loved ones, work colleagues, neighbours to say hello, thinking of you, share a joke or just to reach out and connect.

This year Thinking of You Week takes place 18th-24th September 2023, and we will be working across our network to promote this occasion to consumers, and also running campaigns on both social media and through consumer PR activities. See our dedicated consumer-facing website for more on this occasion.

Last year Clintons, Scribbler, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, House of Cards, Stationery Supplies, Co-op and Moonpig were just some of the retailers across the country who joined in. Over 1,000 retailers across the UK, plus many others in the US, Australia and New Zealand got involved in this special week that harnesses the emotional power of greeting cards to create a wave of love, caring and happiness. This year already retailers are making plans and Royal Mail have also pledged their support for 2023.

This year the GCA will be again be running a Consumer PR campaign to raise the profile of ToYW with consumers. We will be speaking to journalists, targeted bloggers, vloggers and others to encourage everyone to send cards this ToYW.

To ensure your business benefits from this see How to Market Your Business for Thinking of You Week!

Last year our Schools Project for Thinking of You Week saw over 6,000 of children in the UK and Ghana exchange cards – see here for more information and if you are interested in a similar project for your local school please contact

All this activity will see Consumers googling Thinking of You Week and arriving at our ToYW website so get involved and make sure your brand benefits and your cards and activities feature.

The Send Trend is a short film made by the Greeting Card Association in 2022 to remind everyone about the joy of receiving a card. The film was made by GCA Members Lanther Black.

GCA members are planning now to ensure that sufficient stock is in store for September, and also planning activities to promote this occasion to their communities.

To join in visit our Thinking of You Week website for ideas about how to get involved, and also to download the toolkit that is available for everyone to use free of charge. If you’d like to run a social media competition see our top tips and guidelines.

This is a fantastic marketing opportunity for our industry, so do get involved to make it bigger than ever this year, click here to see our blog on last years event.

Do also look at featuring in our News feed and Gallery on the Thinking of You Week website.

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