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We've been around a bit, in fact since 2003, so we're well-established, have a great reputation and there's not a lot we don't know about selling online.

Our work on over 40 greeting cards and giftware projects makes us experts in Trade ecommerce, producing for well-known brands like:

  • Paper Salad
  • Kali Stileman
  • Seed Card Company
  • Tallboy Designs
  • Moongazer Cards
  • The Art File
  • Think of Me
  • Sooshichacha
  • Piccadilly Greetings
  • Natural Partners Art
  • Berni Parker
  • Tracks Publishing
  • Janie Wilson
  • Aliroo
  • Cinnamon Aitch
  • Art Press Cards
  • Laura Sherratt Designs
  • Earlybird Designs
  • Rosie Trow Agency
  • David Mason Designs
  • Sue Ure Maison
  • Lucy Truman
  • Grosvenor Stationery Company

Half of our customers sell Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) and many of these also integrate with sometimes multiple systems, e.g. accounts, warehousing or even ERP, so we understand the needs of the sector and continue to provide all the knowledge and experience we can to each and every publisher and are trusted by the publishers and the GCA to always do the right thing, provide lots of support and get you the answers you're seeking.

We undertake bespoke development, as well as working with a variety of 'platforms', including Shopify, CraftCOMMERCE and WordPress (if abolutely necessary!).

Just because we're well-established and have worked with so many companies doesn't mean we don't look after the small businesses and start-ups, as we will apply the same careful attention to detail and support to any customer of any size.

In addition to the main project, we also undertake the following where required:

  • Email marketing services
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO) for search results improvements and visitor traffic improvements
  • Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to turn visitor traffic into sales
  • Pay per click management (e.g. AdWords) to generate paid for visitor traffic
  • Guidance & support on social media

You can see some of our work if you follow the link below, though please give Simon a call on 07970 504293 or the main office number to discuss your requirements, with no pressure and no obligation.

GCA members get a genuine 10% discount off any project we quote for. Let us know you're a member and we'll ensure this is included.

B2B and DTC Shopify and bespoke websites for greeting cards publishers across the UK and USA/Canada