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Our Individual Members consist of artists, agents, consultants and other individuals who have a special interest in the industry. The Individual Membership Plan enables you network and to stay ‘in the know’ about what’s happening in the Greeting Card space.

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The Greeting Card Industry is a broad, diverse community. Publishers, Suppliers and Retailers form the backbone of the supply chain, but the industry could not function without the support and passion of an army of individuals working as artists, agents and consultants. That’s why we’ve created a special Membership Plan just for individuals who want to be a part of the industry stay in the know about what’s happening.

Individual members benefit from access to the GCA Library and receive our regular newsletter and communications, as well as being able to attend Member Only events such as the GCA Annual Conference.

Member Benefits


Attend the GCA conference and other events to grow your network

Stay Informed

Regular communications to help keep you in the know about the industry

Have a Voice

Be part of the Greeting Card Industry and help shape it’s future

Member Only Content

Access the GCA library full of industry resources and support

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Cost of Membership:

£50.00 / year