2020 Conference Sponsor: LB Warehousing

Nov 9, 2020 | GCA Events

Facilitators For The Power of the Greeting Card

LB Warehousing

Hello everyone and welcome, what a challenging year 2020 has been, a health and economic issue for all of us, but we seem to have been lucky. Our industry is unique, because you never purchase a card for yourself!

A card is an inexpensive way that you can say I Love You, I Miss You, I Hurt You, I’m Sorry, Let’s Talk, Good Luck, Congratulations, Well Done, Thank You, When I count my friends I count YOU twice and Happy Birthday!! Tonight, in Cornwall, for a very small sum, YOU can send something from your heart into someone’s hand in Scotland, tomorrow morning!! That impact, that distance, that swiftly, for so little money. Wow and it’s not essential??

The beautiful card you carefully chose says nice things to the receiver and it carries another message too, that even separated by distance, happy, sad, troubled, needing encouragement or simply wanting to share good news, You really care about that person and YOU are with them.

L B Warehousing, is a 3rd Party fulfilment service, specialising in the Card Industry, servicing all the UK Nationals and Export Worldwide. We Store, Pick, Pack, Wrap and Dispatch for a dozen publishers over 22 years.

Our core principles remain the same for us and our people, caring for your products as you would do, providing accuracy, speed of fulfilment and going the extra mile so that you do not have to.

I have a message to US in this privileged and essential industry, Well Done! XXX

Website: http://lb-warehousing.co.uk/

The GCA would like to thank LB Warehousing for sponsoring the 2020 GCA AGM & Conference.

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