Coronavirus and the power of greeting cards

Mar 15, 2020 | Covid-19

Please let’s all send cards to loved ones and neighbours who are self-isolating and alone

Receiving a greeting card creates a powerful connection between people. At times like this, particularly for those who are at home on their own, the connection of receiving a physical card is important. The GCA is receiving regular government updates on resources and help available for business during this challenging time, and will continue to keep members informed as relevant. If you are a member and not receiving emails from us please contact 

Let us all in the industry use the power of our product to let those who are ill, lonely or just feeling fed up at home, know we are thinking of them.

If you are a publisher with spare stock perhaps make contact with a local care home and donate some cards so that residents can write to their relatives, and hopefully receive cards or letters in return.

Now please send go and send a card!

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