GCA talks with Royal Mail update

Apr 8, 2022 | News & Insights

Amanda Fergusson, ceo of the GCA, and Council Members David Falkner from Cardology, David Byk from Ling/Great British Card Company and Fiona Pitt from Hallmark met with Royal Mail at the beginning of April 2022.

This is the second meeting in two weeks to further discuss changes Royal Mail believe they need to make because their letters business continues to shrink, as more companies send everyday communications like bills online. The challenges they face are outlined in Ofcom’s Review of Postal Users’ Needs (2020) report.

This means Royal Mail want to deliver most of their mail between Monday and Friday. A 3-day delivery service had been mooted but Royal Mail confirmed that this is not something they will be pursuing.  

Royal Mail outlined some proposed changes that could really help our customers, including the ability for our customers to track the letters they’ve sent, also the suggested move to still deliver letters on Saturday if you pay a bit more, and even offer a service delivering letters on a Sunday (again, for a fee).

Whilst we welcome some of these changes, we know customers won’t like higher prices.  We’re also concerned a premium service could lead to confusion and therefore further reduce the volume of cards sent.

We’ve therefore agreed we’ll meet again before any changes are finalised, and asked Royal Mail for further clarity on their proposed pricing for this premium service.

We’ve also asked Royal Mail to consider whether such premium pricing is genuinely required at Christmas, when apparently 40% of all the year’s letters are delivered.  We’ve suggested flat December pricing could offer a good news story we would all support that could increase volumes of cards sent.

At the same time as speaking to Royal Mail, we’ve explained our concerns to Ofcom, because they are the industry regulator who will ultimately decide whether Royal Mail can make the changes they want to make, so it’s important they understand any issues we see for our customers.

Members, please do contact us to share your thoughts, if you have additional concerns or would like to discuss this further. Please write to Amanda at amanda@gca.cards


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