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Sep 26, 2022 | Meet The Member

GCA Member Entwistle Group are sponsoring the 2022 GCA Conference and AGM. They are a welcome addition to our portfolio of Greeting Card Printers, and have a specific focus on the environment and sustainability. We fired off some questions to Mark Bell, Senior Account Manager to find out more about the company.

How long have you been a GCA Member?

We had been meaning to join for quite a while and joined just before the Conference last year and decided to also sponsor the event.

Entwistle’s Manchester Showroom

What services do you provide that would be of interest to GCA members?

Here at Entwistle we can offer all things print, from short run digital print jobs like greeting cards through to wide-format exhibition and signage and everything in-between. We have 2 HP Indigo presses that are great for producing high-end digital print. These have the capability to print using white, clear and fluorescent inks also. As well as these we have 2 flatbed printers that can print on pretty much any substrate up to a depth of 50mm – acrylic, glass, wood, aluminium is all perfectly achievable. To finish off the department we also have 2 x CNC machines so we can cut to shape and router the print to any custom shape.

We are a full member of the FSC so can guarantee chain of custody.

We have been trading for over 120 years, still remain to be owned and run by the Entwistle family.

Are there any innovations in your field that you want to share?

We are super keen on our sustainability and are very proud of our ESG policy.

Since we last sponsored an event we have some exciting news though, we are now officially carbon neutral!

It works a bit like the FSC® where we have to prove our worth and be verified, we have the accreditation now and are permitted to display the carbon neutral in our email signatures.

Following on from sponsoring the event at the Bridgewater Hall we have made great progress within the greeting card industry and now have built our client base month on month, hoping this illustrates that we are doing something right! Still a long way to go, hoping that we keep gaining traction.

I really enjoy the events, Top Drawer, Spring Fair etc and I’m sure this will be no different. It’s a great environment to be in as everyone does share information and collaborate, we provide print to many sectors but none have the same relationship with ‘competitors’ as this does.

Who would you like to meet at the GCA Conference?

We would love to meet fellow people with a passion for print. We have invested heavily in both machinery, facilities, workflows and personnel to be able to turn our hand to any challenge.

Entwistle website

You can meet Entwistle Group at the GCA Conference and AGM on 14th October 2021 in Manchester.
Click here for more details and to book your ticket.

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