Forever Creative Photography Ltd

Oct 12, 2020 | Meet The Member

As part of our Meet The Member series, we asked

Forever Creative Photography Ltd to tell us a bit about their story.

What is the name of your company?

Forever Creative Photography Ltd

When did you first start the company?

1st January 2014

Where is your business based?

Scarborough, Yorkshire

Why did you decide to set up your company?

I have a strong interest in both photography and design and did a combined degree in graphic design and photography. Now being able to work in photography but with design led products has been a dream come true. I have also invested in design-led props, both 20th Century vintage and contemporary.

What is the Unique Selling Point of your business? What makes your products particularly special?

I’ve worked with such a lot of greetings card designers now that I’m able to offer a service that works specifically for them. Whether it’s highlighting card stock textures, or special finishes, or being able to create a unique setting for the card. I also offer the option of designer template images.

What is your best selling Greeting Card?

I think my overall favourite card that I have shot is a Spitfire themed card by Jill White, or Rocket 68. I was able to use a small metal Spitfire, made by my Grandad during the war in the factory that produced the Lancaster. I also used cooking

How do you sell your products? (Online only, wholesale, via a physical shop etc)

I work from my own studio in a period building. The building, originally a Coaching House from the late 18th Century, has a number of features including period windows and a cast iron fireplace. The space enables me to produce high quality imagery in an efficient manner with the added benefit of being able to use the room as a lifestyle studio in itself. It has had a new floor fitted, and the walls have been painted in a soft subtle grey. Most clients get in touch via the website.

What do you like most about the industry?

It’s great to be able to work in an industry with so many different creatives, and where the UK really does lead the world. With recent steps towards sustainability such as biodegradable cello’s I’m sure this will continue into the future. In a world where most things are going over to digital it’s great to see a traditional physical product still connecting and providing a true emotional connection between people.

How can people find you?

Hot Topic Additional Question: Diversity and Inclusion are key values to the GCA and we’d love to know more about what your company does to support Diversity and Inclusion?

I regularly work with GCA members and regardless of their background, they all receive the same service and options for their photography.

Hot Topic Additional Question: The GCA is committed to ensuring that our industry is environmentally friendly and we’re keen to hear more about your business does to help the environment.

I reuse all of the packaging sent across by clients, to return their items to them, this saves on charging the client for any new packaging. On occasion if additional packaging is required I have a stock of packaging from props and equipment that I have purchased for the studio, it makes sense to keep it both financially and environmentally. Many of the studio’s surfaces and backgrounds are reclaimed items that may have been destined for disposal. They have just the right look!

Is there anything else that you would like to add/highlight?

I was very pleased to be asked by the GCA to supply photography for their new and upcoming website. I will be excited to see these images across their new website, and will continue to work with them in the coming years and months.

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