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Sep 28, 2021 | GCA Events, Meet The Member

Nettl of Stockport are a first time sponsor of the GCA Conference and AGM. But they have been working with the GCA for a few years now. We fired off a few quick fire questions to Rajeev Arora, owner of Nettl of Stockport to find out more about them…

How long have you been a GCA Member?

As Nettl of Stockport, we’ve been a member for just over a year. But our sister company Davora Ltd has been a member for almost 20 years.

What services do you provide that would be of interest to GCA members?

We have a number of strings in our bow. First and foremost Nettl of Stockport builds websites for small to medium businesses, from simple brochure websites to full ecommerce solutions. We also offer SEO services. Thanks to our association with Davora, we’re in a unique position of understanding both the greeting card industry and the technicalities of building websites. And since we built the website (yes the one you’re on now!) our understanding of the industry has gotten even deeper.

We are also a printing company. Our focus is not on greeting cards, rather we print all the other materials a business needs – business cards, letterheads, posters, catalogues and other marketing collateral. We’re also well known for our fabric display stands – remember the GCA 100 year Anniversary stands at the 2019 AGM? That was us!

Part of the GCA 100 Year Exhibition
Fabric Display Stand, printed by Nettl of Stockport

I’m also a Sage 50 & Xero hotshot (you did say blow your own trumpet!). I’ve helped many clients make the most of these highly versatile accounts packages.

Are there any innovations in your field that you want to share?

The internet is always evolving and it’s our job to keep up with all the changes and innovations on behalf of our clients. For example, 15 years ago, everyone consumed the internet on a desktop screen (often square!). Now the websites we build have to adapt to a multitude of screen sizes from widescreens to mobile phones. Web design standards too are always on the move. We need to be sure that our websites are current and easy to maintain both technically and in terms of adding content – both of which can have a massive impact on how Google, Bing et al view your site and how often you show up in search results. And of course customer shopping habits are also evolving all the time. Websites may never give consumers the same experience as instore shopping, but that doesn’t mean they wont stop trying!

Who would you like to meet at the GCA Conference?

Anyone who want to talk about their online presence! A website is a key component in any business’s marketing strategy and a well executed site can make a massive difference to the bottom line. We can help with retail (B2C) and trade (B2B) sites.

Also anyone who needs a free pen 🙂



You can meet Nettl of Stockport at the GCA Conference and AGM on 14th October 2021 in Manchester.
Click here for more details and to book your ticket.

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