Greeting Card press coverage Christmas 2019

Dec 16, 2019 | News & Insights

Greeting cards have had a fantastic amount of press coverage in the run up to Christmas 2019; GCA activity and news stories about card sending potentially being in decline (which of course it’s not!), has led to 51 media interviews since the middle of October.

We have spoken to press ranging from the Daily Mail, Guardian and Sunday Times through to TV and regional BBC Radio Stations.

Spreading positive news about card sending, countering negative stores, and encouraging/reminding consumers about the importance of connecting to loved ones through sending cards, is a key part of the work that we do on behalf of the industry.

Below is the link to an interview on BBC Breakfast November 2019, and a list of the interviews we have done just in the one week before Christmas 

Thank you all for your support of the GCA, we are a not-for-profit trade association, wholly owned by you our members, so your subscription enables us to do this work on behalf of our industry; reminding consumers of the importance of sending greeting cards to their loved ones.

15/12/2019 BBC SHEFFIELD  7.00 Pre-recorded
15/12/2019 BBC NEWCASTLE 7.08am LIVE
15/12/2019 BBC CUMBRIA  7.15am Live
15/12/2019 BBC HEREFORD & WORCESTER  7.22am LIVE
15/12/2019 BBC BERKSHIRE  7.38am LIVE
15/12/2019 BBC LINCOLNSHIRE  7.45am LIVE
15/12/2019 BBC KENT  7.52am LIVE
15/12/2019 BBC MERSEYSIDE 7.31am LIVE
15/12/2019 BBC STOKE 8.15am LIVE
15/12/2019 BBC NOTTINGHAM  8.22am LIVE
15/12/2019 BBC JERSEY/GUERNSEY  8.30am LIVE
16/12/2019 BBC Radio Kent 6.50am LIVE
16/12/2019 BBC Radio 5 Live 4.25pm
17/12/2019 BBC Radio Suffolk 9.20am LIVE
17/12/2019 BBC NI Radio Ulster 3pm Pre-recorded
18/12/2019 BBC DERBY REC
18/12/2019 BBC JERSEY LIVE 8.15am
18/12/2019 BBC LANCASHIRE LIVE  0822am 
18/12/2019 BBC CAMBRIDGE REC  8.30am
18/12/2019 BBC DEVON LIVE  08.38am
18/12/2019 BBC SHROPSHIRE LIVE  08.45am
18/12/2019 BBC GUERNSEY LIVE  0852am
18/12/2019 BBC STOKE 09.00am PRE_RECORD for 10.45
18/12/2019 BBC YORK LIVE  09.08am
18/12/2019 BBC CUMBRIA LIVE 09.15am
18/12/2019 BBC GLO’STRSHIRE LIVE  09.22am
19/12/2019 BBC Radio Essex 10.10am live
19/12/2019 BBC Radio Birmingham 11am

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