GCA Launches National Thinking of You Week

Jul 8, 2014 | Thinking Of You Week

Send a card and raise a smile during the week of 22-28 September 2014

The GCA is launching a new special week to highlight the emotional power of sending and receiving greeting cards. The aim is to create a wave of love, caring and happiness across the nation by getting everyone to send a card a day during the last week in September.

As Sharon Little, GCA CEO, pointed out: “We are all so lucky to be involved with a product which spreads so much happiness and support. We in the industry know that cards create a positive boost and it’s now been scientifically proven that they do just this. Receiving a handwritten card is far more meaningful and makes people feel much more special than receiving texts, emails or facebook messages. And it feels really good to send them too!”

This month marks the start of the official countdown to the inaugural Thinking Of You Week. Top calligrapher Mike Burgin (of GBCC) has created a logo, and a downloadable toolkit will shortly be available from the GCA website to help retailers, publishers and other interested bodies to organise events and participate in the week.The toolkit will include a flyer (see below and download here). a template event poster, a template press release and a list of local press contacts to help publicise events.

With links now being forged with retailers, press, charities and other trade bodies, participation in this new annual event is likely to spread quickly.

“The more people and companies which get involved the better. Several publishers are planning to include the flyers and posters in their deliveries to customers. We’re encouraging all types of retailers to organise National Thinking of You card-sending events during the week,” said Sharon.

The GCA will be awarding prizes for Best Event and Best Window Display.

Photos and events can be posted via Facebook and Twitter #ThinkingOfYou, #KeepBritainHappy and @GCAUK.

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